While most vehicle-related accidents happen while the vehicle’s wheels remain in motion, some take place when the driver has caused the vehicle’s wheels to stop turning. Some of the latter are door-related accidents.

Such unfortunate incidents can be avoided, if a vehicle’s occupant takes the time to scoop the surrounding area, before opening the door. Too often, failure to perform that particular action causes harm to a cyclist. Canadian drivers must be alerted to that possibility, because not all of the cities in Canada have suitable bike lanes.

Traffic patterns that can increase the frequency of door-related harm to a bicycle rider:

• Poor placement of spots for the pick-up of those that will be using ride-sharing services.
• Poor placement of taxi pick-ups and drop-offs.
• Motorists do not hesitate to pull to the side of the road, even when that area of a street contains a bike lane.

Injuries that might be sustained by a bicycle rider, after feeling the force of the door.

• Broken bones, when the rider falls from the bike, onto a hard surface.
• Lacerations: the door’s sharp edge could cut the rider’s leg.
• Internal bleeding: Occurs when the impact harms an internal organ.
• Harm to the rider’s head: Not all cyclists wear a helmet.

Safe habits for those riding bicycles

As indicated above, it helps to wear a helmet, in order to avoid injuries. It is important to wear bright clothing at night, and be sure that you have good lights on your mode of transportation.

Take note of the actions made by those that are inside of a parked automobile. Do not invite problems by riding decidedly close to any parked car. It is best not to speed past such vehicles. Take note of the information that has been shared with the readers of this article’s final two paragraphs. Become familiar with the characteristics of a well-planned bike lane. Use an added amount of caution, if one of Ontario’s bike lanes do not exhibit such characteristics.

What are the chances that someone leaving a parked vehicle might get injured by a cyclist?

No information that has been posted on the Internet has mentioned any statistics that help to answer that question. Apparently, there have been times when motorcycle riders have hit some passenger that is leaving a parked vehicle. That fact should serve as a warning to the residents of Ontario, whether they drive or ride a bicycle. If someone has been injured in an accident due to dooring, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer in Burlington. They understand the legal perspective of such accident and can work accordingly to help the victim get compensated.