Insurance companies try to minimize the size of a personal injury claim. Some drivers and policy holders do their best to expand the size of the same sort of claim. The existence of the contrary purposes sheds some light on the reason for the pre-meditated on-road incidents.

What is a pre-meditated on-road incident?

This is an event that has been linked to a different name. This is that name: staged accident. Those that commit a staged accident are committing a type of insurance fraud. All staged accidents depend on the presence of specific elements. One or more drivers take part in the staging. Those drivers cause a collision to take place in a way that pushes the observer to think that the unsuspecting driver has caused that same collision. Hence, those with a damaged vehicle make a claim against the driver that appears responsible.

Types of maneuvers made during staged accidents

One of the staging drivers pulls in front of an unsuspecting motorist. That same driver’s car slows down. A second staging driver pulls in front of the one that is slowing down. The first of the 2 staging drivers stops suddenly and gets rear-ended by the unsuspecting motorist. The second of the 2 staging drivers leaves the scene of the collision.

A stager/driver accelerates his or her vehicle. The unsuspecting motorist behind that same stager also accelerates. Then the stager/driver stops suddenly. The motorist following that same driver is forced to collide with the rear end of the stopped vehicle. One driver waves another one forward. After that motorist responds to the wave and moves forward, the driver that did the waving hits the unsuspecting motorist.

Players at scene of both staged and true accidents

The drivers of the involved vehicles are usually at that scene. However, depending on the type of maneuver used during a staged accident, one of the involved drivers may have vanished. The passengers in any of the involved vehicles.

Helpers: There are 2 types of helpers, true and shady.

How do the true helpers differ from the shady helpers?

The true helpers provide their name and contact information. Each of those helpers offers to serve as a witness. The shady helpers do not offer their contact information. Instead, each of them gives the unsuspecting motorist the name of a towing company, a repair shop or an Injury Lawyer in Mississauga.

How the actions taken by the shady helpers affect all drivers and all lawyers?

By leaving a lawyer’s name, those helpers cause drivers to hesitate before contacting any lawyer. That hesitation might keep a driver from consulting with an attorney, after becoming involved in an accident. In the absence of that consultation, the driver lacks good directions.