These are the first steps to take if you were hurt in a personal injury accident.

How Quickly Should I Notify The At-Fault Party About The Claim For My Accident Related Injuries?

There is generally no time frame to notify the people you think are responsible for your personal injury accident. The exception is if you’re filing a claim against a government employee or agency. That said, make sure you notify these people. You’re more likely to get a bigger settlement faster from the defendant s insurer if you do.

You are neither obligated nor required a claim right after you make a notification. All making a notification right away does is help protect your rights. It also keeps others from negating your claim by saying that it’s unfair since you waited too long to notify them about it. In reality, acting quickly when notifying works for your benefit since it gives you more time to file a claim. It also makes the process of filing a claim much easier.

Is Statute of Limitations Applicable if you’re filing a claim against a government agency?

You have to act fast in that case. You generally only have 30 days from the day of your accident to notify the entity. However, some states will give you up to a year. It just depends on the state where you live. Remember that you must file your claim within the statute of limits to avoid having your case thrown out of court. You can call the lawyer’s office in Brampton. They will inform you of the statute of limitations and deadlines that apply in your case.

What’s the first thing you should do if you were hurt in an accident and want to file a claim?

While there is no first thing you should do, your chances of winning a settlement increase if you do many of the following immediately.

Write down as many details of the accident as you remember as soon as possible. These include the accident, your injuries, and any losses you may have sustained. You will need to document the conversations that you have with people involved in detail. Your lawyer will ask you to collect as much physical evidence as possible and take photographs. That will preserve a lot of the evidence you can use either in or out of court. It is essential that you or your lawyer locate witnesses and eyewitnesses. The next step will be to notify all responsible of your intent to file a claim.

As you have a lawyer in your corner it will not be very difficult for them to handle the lawsuit and help you win the damages.