People who have been injured in any kind of motor vehicle accident in the province of Ontario are eligible for certain accident benefits. This is regulated in the Insurance Act of Ontario. Set forth in it is a rule which allows you to seek compensation under your automobile insurance policy. Now, the important thing that you need to understand is that there are a few different benefits that you can claim. Let’s have a look.

1. Income replacement benefits

If you aren’t capable of working after your accident, you might receive up to 70% of your gross weekly income. However, this can’t exceed more than $400 on a weekly basis. You need to demonstrate your inability to take care of the essential functions that your job requires in order to qualify for this particular benefit. Also, you need to have been employed for at least an approximation of 26 weeks of the year before the accident and you need to have received Employment Insurance benefits at the same time. People who are self employed are also eligible.

2. Non-earner benefits

This particular benefit is set to $185 but it could go to as much as $320 if more than 104 weeks have passed since the injury and you still remain incapable to carry on with your regular life. This is something particularly convenient and you need to take it into account. This is usually targeted towards students who were enrolled full time while the accident took place.

3. Caregiver benefits

This is also something particularly important. If you have sustained a catastrophic injury which has rendered you unable to perform basic functions, you might require someone to help you out. This is when you will need to get a caregiver to help you out. You can take advantage of a $250 weekly benefit and an additional $50 for each additional person that you have to rely on.

4. Medical benefits

These are the benefits which will cover the expenses that you had to go through in the hospital. It’s only logical that you have to undergo a significant amount of different treatments in order to get better and this benefit covers these expenses.

5. Rehabilitation benefits

If you need substantial rehabilitation once you are through regular medical recovery, this is the benefit that you can count on to cover your rehabilitation bills. The amount of the benefit is left open for decision so it’s different in each case.

However, in order to get the full amount of those benefits, you have to get through the court or you need to reach a proper settlement. This is why you want to count on a personal injury lawyer to help you out. With many legal services specializing in tort law cases, you will be sure of getting the right legal assistance. But it is important that you contact a lawyer before you file the claim as they will be able to guide you best.