Understanding The Differences Between Personal Injury And Workers Compensation

It is easy to confuse personal injury lawsuits with workers compensation claims. The injuries sustained in both the cases is by accidents but the company paying it would differ and so will the legalities of the claim. Some may even falsely place works compensation claims into the personal injury claim category. While this is an easy mistake to make, it is important to keep the two separate and understand the subtle, but nonetheless important, differences. (more…)

Tactics To Use If Settlement Negotiations Have Reached A Standstill

On rare occasions, an insurance adjuster decides to bluff or stall, so that the settlement process seems to drag on for an endless amount of time. The injured victim that must deal with such an adjuster normally gets a warning, following issuance of the company’s initial offer. The stubborn adjuster usually presents a low ball offer at the start of the negotiations. (more…)

How A Motorcyclist Can Look Forward To A Safe Time On The Road

Most motorcyclists focus on the feeling of freedom that can be enjoyed by anyone that rides a motorcycle down the road. Perhaps that is why statistics have created a demand for this particular article. While only 2% of the vehicles on the road are motorcycles, 10% of fatalities result from injuries to motorcyclists. All of the claims for compensation are handled by Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississauga. (more…)

Can A Dog’s Owner Be Held Liable For Harm Caused By A Dog Bite?

Anyone that owns a pet canine should take whatever actions are necessary, in order to prevent the occurrence of an incident such as a dog bite. Sometimes, families that view their canine as a guard dog, make sure that their four-legged guard does not attack an innocent victim. In those cases, the well-controlled pet often has a history of demonstrating violence, when faced with a possible danger. (more…)