Traffic Rules Related To Auto Accidents In Ontario

The residents of Ontario should consider themselves lucky. None of them have to feel guilty about stopping at a yellow light. As per the rules, stop if you can do so safely. If you cannot stop, you must proceed with caution. But if you drive through a yellow light and get hit, you can be declared at fault. And that would need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Burlington. (more…)

What Are The Ways of Settling A Personal Injury Case?

If you’ve made a personal injury claim and are headed to civil court, chances are that in the interim, you will be sent an offer to settle out of court. This offer is often recommended by personal injury lawyer in Brampton as a way to reduce costs and the length of a legal proceeding. While it may seem immediately attractive to settle and put an end to your claim, this is a very important decision that can impact the rest of your life, and you should speak with your lawyer to carefully evaluate any offer before accepting. (more…)