Is There A Connection Between Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) And Accident Benefits?

Oftentimes, accident victims end up with serious and catastrophic injuries that require long term medical aid and treatment. Some of these victims might be disabled for life. They require monetary assistance which is often provided by auto insurance policy and sometimes, they become eligible to receive accident benefits as per the Ontario Disability Support Program. (more…)

How Does Playground Injuries Lead To Injury Claim For Damages?

Although playgrounds are considered to be safe places for children in Ontario, many parents are confused whether the specific playground and related equipment is safe or not. For most children, any severe fall can result in a trip to the ER as faulty playground equipment is one of the main reasons for slips and falls of children. It is essential that parents can be vigilant and being aware of the pitfalls and safeguarding the children for injuries. (more…)