What Is Contributory Negligence And How Can It Affect Your Claim?

In Ontario, negligence is apportioned by means of percentage of fault. So, say that you are injured in a motor vehicle accident but it comes to light that you weren’t wearing a seatbelt. In that case, you may be apportioned with a percentage of fault when it comes to your injuries. Although the seatbelt was not a cause in the accident, the lack of wearing one contributed to your injuries. (more…)

Getting The Proper Support For A Brain Injury Claim

It’s unfortunate, but insurance companies make it very difficult to litigate a brain injury. In pursuing a brain injury claim, the insurance company may try to prove that your injury is non-existent, was pre-existing or even faked. The key to pursuing such a claim is to offer objective evidence supporting it. In the past, however, that has been difficult to do with brain injuries. (more…)

Could AI-Powered Cameras Help Keep Distracted Drivers Off Our Roadways?

At the recent 2019 International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety, one participant offered a solution to our current distracted driving problems: cameras. Not just any cameras, mind you, but AI-powered cameras. This participant brought their technology here to the conference hoping to get their new technology implemented all across North America in order to cut down on our ever-increasing problem of driving while distracted by technology. It would be technology fighting technology, so to speak. (more…)