What Happens When You Have A Car Accident In A Leased Vehicle?

More people are leasing vehicles. This is because it can make a vehicle that may not normally be affordable something that a person can get their hands on. When leasing a vehicle, the costs are quite a bit lower than they would be if you bought the same vehicle. When leasing, the person with the vehicle is only responsible for the depreciation or value lost in the vehicle. They are not responsible for the value of the entire vehicle. (more…)

Traditional And Altered Options For Car Accident Victim

Ideally, the benefits requested by the victim of a car accident should aid the achievement of three goals: easing financial burden of recovery process; supplementing victim’s income; and paying, if necessary, for attendant care. The insurance company can approve of or deny any such request. In the past, the victim that had been denied a request did not feel like he or she had arrived at dead end. (more…)

Effect of Marijuana Legalization On Automobile Insurance Coverage

The legalization of marijuana, which has become a reality in some states, does not give anyone the right to get sit at the steering wheel of a motored vehicle, after experiencing a marijuana-produced high. Members of the law enforcement community are studying different ways to force marijuana-users to maintain safe driving habits. Obviously, the habits of younger drivers ought to be shaped by well-meaning adults. No doubt, insurance companies would like to help strengthen the efforts made by law-enforcers and other adults. (more…)

Will Legalization of Marijuana Affect Personal Injury Accident Benefits?

While a large percentage of the public welcomes the legalization of recreational marijuana, Injury Lawyer in Brampton worry about the ways that easy access to pot could affect accident benefits. The legalization of a substance does not do away with the insurer’s awareness of that same substance’s effect on the human system. No company wants to insure a driver that has fallen under the influence of alcohol or marijuana on repeated occasions. (more…)

What To Do If Non-Deployment of Air Bag Causes Injury?

If you have been in an automobile accident, and you realized that your car’s airbag did not deploy at the time of the collision, then you might think that you should contact an injury lawyer in Burlington. You might believe that you have grounds for bringing a lawsuit against the company that manufactured the apparently defective piece of safety equipment. Yet, can you provide proof of the bag’s inability to function properly? (more…)

The Role of The Seat Belt In Settlement of Accident Injury Claim

The lawyers that address this topic in online articles seem to present the Internet-user with confusing information. For example, one article states that lack of a seat belt does not always diminish the chances for winning in a lawsuit. Another article indicates that a damage reward becomes lower, if a substantial number of damages could have been prevented by the wearing of a seat belt. (more…)

5 Steps To Follow At The Scene of A Car Accident

Car accidents can be a very traumatic experience for the people involved, especially if some of them have sustained injuries. If you’re in a panicked state, it’s easy to forget the important steps that one must take while you’re still at the scene. As a result, your judgment could be clouded by the anxiety and stress of the situation. That is why you need to preserve the evidence so that it is not lost. However, by taking the 5 following steps, you can increase the monetary compensation you recover in a personal injury case. (more…)

Important Considerations About Accidents On Intersections

The truth is that car accidents are particularly common in the state of Ontario. However, every single one of them is unique and it’s important to take all the circumstances prior to taking any legal actions. With this in mind, if there is a left turn involved in the accident, there is a special point in the Insurance Act of Ontario which comes into the picture and which has to be taken into account. So, without any further ado, let’s take a farther look into the specifications of this regulation and determine the ways it would impact your case. (more…)