What Is Contributory Negligence And How Can It Affect Your Claim?

In Ontario, negligence is apportioned by means of percentage of fault. So, say that you are injured in a motor vehicle accident but it comes to light that you weren’t wearing a seatbelt. In that case, you may be apportioned with a percentage of fault when it comes to your injuries. Although the seatbelt was not a cause in the accident, the lack of wearing one contributed to your injuries. (more…)

Could AI-Powered Cameras Help Keep Distracted Drivers Off Our Roadways?

At the recent 2019 International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety, one participant offered a solution to our current distracted driving problems: cameras. Not just any cameras, mind you, but AI-powered cameras. This participant brought their technology here to the conference hoping to get their new technology implemented all across North America in order to cut down on our ever-increasing problem of driving while distracted by technology. It would be technology fighting technology, so to speak. (more…)

Concerns About Increased Number of Truck Accidents In Ontario

Within the past year, the authorities that study traffic problems in Ontario noted an increase in the number of collisions involving transport trucks. For that reason, the legislators in that Province have passed laws that were meant to reduce the reported numbers for such truck-related accidents. Before passing those laws, the legislators analyzed the data that shed light on the causes for a majority of such accidents. (more…)

Is There A Connection Between Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) And Accident Benefits?

Oftentimes, accident victims end up with serious and catastrophic injuries that require long term medical aid and treatment. Some of these victims might be disabled for life. They require monetary assistance which is often provided by auto insurance policy and sometimes, they become eligible to receive accident benefits as per the Ontario Disability Support Program. (more…)

Facing A Decision- Hire Personal Injury Lawyer Or Represent Myself?

Sometimes, an adult that has purchased a car insurance policy views that action as one the ensures his or her ability to count on help from the insurance company, in the event of a car accident. Those adults have already decided between the hiring of a lawyer and the challenge of relying on self-representation. Still, their firmness in their decision does not prove their ability to arrive at a sensible choice. (more…)