Traffic Rules Related To Auto Accidents In Ontario

The residents of Ontario should consider themselves lucky. None of them have to feel guilty about stopping at a yellow light. As per the rules, stop if you can do so safely. If you cannot stop, you must proceed with caution. But if you drive through a yellow light and get hit, you can be declared at fault. And that would need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Burlington. (more…)

Establishing Fault When Accident Includes Pedestrian

If someone gets injured as the result of an accident, legal authorities have one way of establishing the identity of the person at fault. Yet the decision made by those legal authorities does not always match with the one made by an insurance company. Insurance companies take a different approach, when deciding who should be named at fault. The challenges associated with fault-finding become even greater, if the accident in question took place on a street and involved a pedestrian. At such a time, an insurance company will ask several questions. (more…)

Know About Relevant Regulations of Pedestrian Accidents

It’s absolutely important to point out that these types of accidents are rather regular. As unfortunate as it may be, they are usually going to end up with particularly traumatic complications. This is due to the fact that pedestrians are entirely exposed and there is absolutely nothing to protect them. Basically it’s usually a collision between an exposed common street walker and heavy machinery like a regular vehicle, for instance. You can easily determine which one is going to sustain more damage. However, there are quite a lot of things that have to be taken into proper account when it comes to pedestrian accidents. (more…)

Determining Responsibility In A Motorcycle And Pedestrian Accident

Now, when a motorcycle accident takes place, the determination of fault can definitely be a very challenging task, especially if there is a pedestrian who’s involved and injured. In the majority of the accidents, the involved pedestrian is usually going to be assumed to be the victim. This is because we assume that the pedestrians are almost in all cases provided with the actual right of way. On the other hand, we also assume that motorcyclists are utterly required to follow the road regulations and it’s their fault as they haven’t been careful enough to watch out for the pedestrian. Well, while this might be true, it’s far from being the most common scenario. (more…)