Underinsured Motorist – Coverage And Claiming Benefits

According to Investopedia, “Underinsured Motorist” or “UIM” is a provision in an auto insurance policy that extends coverage to include bodily and property damage that was caused by another motorist and who didn’t have sufficient insurance to cover damages. Insurance policies that contain UIM coverage will have significant differences from one state to the next. (more…)

Subrogation Actions In Insurance Law

When you’ve suffered injuries in an accident, you would normally get medical attention, have the doctor send your bill to your health insurance provider, and walk away feeling as though everything has been taken care of. However, your insurance company may still contact you to discuss the nature and extent of the accident and your injuries. They are merely complying with what is written in your policy in order to determine if someone other than you is completely or partially responsible for the accident and your injuries. (more…)