Determining The Value of Your Slip And Fall Case

There is a series of factors which will influence the ultimate value of your slip and fall lawsuit. They range from the seriousness of your sustained injuries, over how the accident occurred, all the way to how the property owner or occupier behaved prior, during, and after the accident. To help you determine the true value of your own case, we have put together a guide which dictates how to build a successful case and what you are owed by the liable party. (more…)

Liability For Slip And Fall Incident In Store Or Business

Obviously, a store or business shows an interest in each customer. That particular establishment hopes to profit from some of the customer’s money. Yet the law states that the same establishment should demonstrate readiness to care for each of its customers. If lack of care leads to occurrence of a slip and fall incident, the injured victim has a right to file a personal injury lawsuit, with the help of Personal Injury Lawyer in Burlington. (more…)

Everything That You Need To Know Premise Liability

The first thing that you need to take into account is that personal injury law is a particular broad and vast field of the law which encompasses a tremendous amount of different cases. Premise liability, for instance, is one of the legal concepts which come into the picture in personal injury cases in which the injury was caused by certain type of defective or particularly unsafe condition on someone’s property. (more…)

What To Account For In Slip And Fall Cases?

Slip and fall claims are quite challenging. They are particularly numerous, especially in Canada and especially when it is winter time. This is one of the main reasons for which they need to be taken into serious consideration. Ice laden sidewalks, for instance, are quite capable of creating tumultuous and challenging conditions to walk on and they pose a serious health hazard to the passers. There are hundreds of different and interesting scenarios which actually create dangerous conditions under which you could easily get hurt. (more…)

Why Call A Personal Injury Lawyer If Your Child Been Injured At School?

Children get injured – that’s something rather common. They play, they trip, they fall, they hurt themselves – these are all important parts of their overall development. However, when your kid gets seriously injured at school, things can get particularly challenging and rather terrifying. They attend school with you assuming that everything is kept under control and that the teachers are keeping them perfectly protected but that’s not always the case. Childhood should be more about learning and growing and being able to trust the teachers who are handling these things. (more…)

Recovering Damages For A Knee Injury After Slip And Fall Accident

There are quite a lot of different accidents that could lead to orthopedic injuries and that’s the main reason for which personal injury law is one of the broadest fields of expertise. However, when it comes to slip and fall injuries, a lot of people tend to be underestimating them dramatically. It just doesn’t seem to strike them as something dangerous. However, the reality is far more alarming that you might want to know. (more…)

How To Get Knee Fracture Compensation After Slip And Fall Accidents

Now, being aware of the climate conditions is absolutely critical when you walk out in the open. As of right now, it’s winter in Canada and this means one thing – slippery sideways. Canada is famous for its cold and snowy winters and while they might be particularly beautiful, they are also rather challenging if you had to walk outside. Slip and fall accidents are regularly increased throughout the months of November until March and that’s to be expected. (more…)