There are changes on Accident Benefit (no-fault) car insurance that are going to considerably reduce the regular benefits which are now available to the majority of people who have been injured in car accidents. The people of Ontario are still going to be offered the chance of purchasing additional coverage once they purchase their car insurance. Even though the catastrophic victims are going to be affected by the changes, those who are deemed non-catastrophic are facing the most notable reductions in the benefits and they won’t have access to funding for management of the case. This means that they are going to require further benefits advice as well as assistance from discharge planners, nurses and social workers prior to retaining a lawyer.

Dispute on disability benefits

There are a lot of dispute regarding the catastrophically impaired victims of car accidents. The outcome of these particular disputes is incredibly important because the benefits which are available to the catastrophically injured has significantly increased. The number of held disputes is likely to be increased as the benefits for those who are deemed non-catastrophic are significantly reduced. There are a lot of reductions which are questionable and they have now completely eliminated housekeeping and caregiver benefits. This is something that’s definitely going to cause a reaction. Car accidents are serious and they often cause people to sustain prolonged injuries which render them unable to conduct certain activities. This requires the hiring of a housekeeper or a caregiver and under regular circumstances the expenses should be covered by the insurance company or the at fault party in case of a civil lawsuit.

Limitations on long term disability benefits

However, going further reveals other restrictions and reductions such as a cut in half attendant care benefit which is now with a maximum of $36,000. Furthermore, there is $50,000 which is allowed for the entire medical and rehabilitation assessment needs. There is a restriction of up to $3,500 for minor injuries. Your personal injury lawyer is going to inform you about the various aspects to consider so that the chances of getting the compensation increase, despite the changes in law.

These proposed changes are questionable. While $50,000 might seem like enough for the majority of accidents, the truth is that there are injuries which are going to far exceed the need for reparation provided by this particular amount. It’s impossible for a long-term disability claim to be covered by $50,000, especially if it’s a matter of heavy spinal cord injury, for instance. This is why the restriction is rather questionable and it might leave the door open to further disputes as to what’s going to constitute as a catastrophic injury. It’s likely that the definition of this term is going to be broadened in order to meet the requirements of the new restrictions, but it is an inappropriate approach as it doesn’t provide a constant and long-term solution to the issue at hand.