Being involved in an accident is not only physically painful and emotionally stressful but also quite annoying, if we have to be honest. There are quite a few things that you would need to get done in a short and rather specific timeline. There are a few forms that you would need to get filled out immediately. It would be best if you use the services of a personal injury lawyer who’s going to provide you with thorough insight on what to do and how to complete the forms so that you can maximize the amount of your compensation.

Of course, it’s also quite beneficial to have strong and sound understanding on the forms yourself so that you know all you need to get them done in advance. As you submit the forms in question, you should make sure that you also make a copy of the forms themselves as well as the documents and attachments that you are submitting along with them. Now, let’s take a look at just some of the forms that you might need to take care of and submit to the authorities.

Application for Accident Benefits (OCF – 1)

This is the basic and also the primary application form that you are going to need to fill out after the accident. You are going to receive the entire package in the mail and you have to complete it within 30 days after the reception. If you aren’t able to do so, you should still send out a form to your insurance company, explaining to them why you couldn’t fill out the OCF-1.

Disability Certificate (OCF – 3)

You complete this form only in the event in which you’ve become disabled because of your accident. The certificate is absolutely crucial as it’s going to be showing that the medical professional has thoroughly diagnosed you with disability. If you are unable to fill it on your own, you can ask for assistance or your lawyer can do it on your behalf.

Employer’s Confirmation of Income (OCF-2)

This one you fill out in order to make sure that you let the institutions know your exact amount of income as stated by the employer. It’s important because the majority of the compensations have something to do with your current income and the court or the institution that’s going to be paying you off needs to be aware of it.

These are just a handpicked few of the total amount of forms that you might have to fill out. However, these are the most common ones even though the others are also pretty regular. It would be best if you contact a personal injury lawyer that’s going to help you out in the matter and get the things sorted out in the best possible way so that there are no complications. There are many experienced personal injury lawyers in Mississauga that will be able to help you right from the beginning.