People would oftentimes wonder whether or not there is any actual difference between a typical case of personal injury and workers’ compensation. Now, the truth is that while there are quite a lot of similarities, there are also quite a lot of differences which can’t really be minimized. Major differences in personal injury and workers’ compensation are primarily two. So, let’s have a look.
The first thing that you ought to consider is that a personal injury claim would depend on the person who is initiating the claim and the way he is alleging the fault of the one that’s defending. On the other hand, workers’ compensation doesn’t include any fault component. The fact of the matter is that the only important thing is that the injury which is being claimed has occurred during the working process.
The second main difference between both is that the laws are rather specific and they provide different types of awards. If you’ve had to incur injuries in a situation of workers’ compensation, you wouldn’t be able to claim and collect monetary compensation for injuries such as pain and suffering. And, when it comes to personal injury claims, these usually tend to formulate a major part of your claimed damages and compensation.
This is pretty much the most important differentiating criteria between both fields. The truth is that you would require legal assistance in both situations. However, when it comes to workers’ compensation things are usually a lot less complicated. There are internal codes and regulations which govern these types of situations and the law works pretty quickly. Getting your actual compensation is usually a matter of a few weeks of processing claims and evaluating damages.
On the other hand, we have personal injury lawsuits and insurance claims which could usually take years to settle down. While the battle with your insurer might actually be a lot less challenging and far easier to tackle, you would still need the help of a lawyer. This is going to ensure that you get the necessary legal representation as well as presence and that there is nothing that you’d have to handle on your own. This alone is enough of a reason for you to consider working with a lawyer. Personal injury law is complex and unless you have had legal education, it is best not to attempt representing your own rights with aggressive team of lawyers of the insurance company.
Additionally, please be aware that the majority of lawyers would charge you contingent on them winning the case and getting any award at all. This means that you don’t have to worry about paying the lawyers unless they actually earn you money first. This is something absolutely critical and you should definitely consider it when it comes to it. This is without a doubt the most beneficial thing that you should consider.