Following an injury which was sustained in an accident, you may find yourself in a position in which you have the legal right to file a personal injury claim against the person, or corporation, who, or which, caused the accident, and thus, your sustained injury.

A vast majority of such claims were the result of negligent, reckless, or careless behavior expressed by the party responsible for the accident. However, sometimes it is also intentional action, or a lack thereof, which is expressed by the defendant and which causes the accident and injury. Personal Injury Lawyer in Burlington knows that the most common scenarios which lead to personal injury claims include:

• Motor vehicle collisions involving two or more vehicles, and sometimes a pedestrian
Slip and falls in which the plaintiff was injured on another’s property, whether it be privately or corporately owned
• Other instances in which the plaintiff was injured due to hazardous conditions or privately or corporately owned property
• Injuries sustained in accidents which were initiated by another’s negligent or otherwise unlawful actions and/or behaviors
• Injuries caused to a consumer by failures in machines, vehicles, etc., whether it be during the stage of maintenance, production, or design
• Injuries resulting from product defects
• Work related injuries which resulted from an employer’s negligence in keeping the workplace safe for their employees

Notifying the Defendant(s) About Your Intention to File A Personal Injury Claim Against Them

If you wish for your personal injury case to be successful, there are certain deadlines that you will have to meet along the way. One of these is that you will need to notify the defendant, or defendants, about your intention to file a personal injury claim against them in order to receive compensation for your sustained injuries.Since the defendant, or defendants, have the right to be notified about your claim, there will also be consequence, if you neglect to notify them.

Under most drastic circumstances, your failure to notify will lead to an inability to receive compensation from the unnotified party. In order to avoid this, you may want to reach out to a lawyer who will be knowledgeable of all these deadlines, and who will thus be able to help you keep on track. Sometimes, it isn’t just one party who is responsible for your injury, but rather multiple ones. Thus, identifying the ones responsible is important. Your lawyer will look at all of the incriminating evidence and then draft a claim to ensure that your rights are protected. Most of the lawyers are well-versed with the process and help you through out of court and in court representation.