There are quite a few things that you ought to know if you’ve been involved in an accident in Ontario. Generally speaking, if you have suffered an injury in an accident, you are likely to be eligible for accident benefits in Ontario. There are a few different pieces of legislation which govern this matter and the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule which is also known as the SABS is the regulation which matters the most. There are quite a lot of different yet standardized benefits which a lot of insurance companies in Ontario would provide.

The role of accident benefits

The role of accident benefits in Ontario is pretty straightforward – to provide people with compensation and financial assistance when they’ve been involved in an accident. What is more, there is an acting No Fault rule, part of the Rules of Fault Determination found in the Insurance Act of Ontario, which governs that compensation and insurance is due, regardless of the fault. However, it might be difficult to negotiate the claim process on your own and may need the assistance of an injury lawyer in Burlington.

Eligibility for the benefits

Strictly speaking, the one who’s eligible for accident benefits is the injured party. However, there are quite a lot of different situations that you might find yourself in. With this in mind, in certain ones of them, your relatives or dependents might also be qualified to file a claim for accident benefits, even though they aren’t involved in the accident directly. However, the consequences have a direct impact on them and as such the legislator has decided that it’s important to include them in the eligible entities.

Exclusions from Accident Benefits in Ontario

There are certain situations in which someone can get excluded from the right of receiving accident benefits. These people include:

·         The driver who is excluded from his insurance policy

·         The driver or the passenger who is aware that the vehicle is driven without the consent of the owner

·         Anyone who has willingly made false misrepresentation to the insurance company

·         If the accident that he was involved in was a part of a criminal act

·         A who that knew or should have known that his insurance isn’t valid

These are the cases in which you wouldn’t be able to file for accident benefits. If you don’t fall within these descriptions, you have nothing to worry about. Even though it’s going to take you time to settle in the case and get the actual amount of the compensation, you will definitely receive it. This is particularly important and it’s capable of providing you with significant financial aid in times when you need it the most. Insurance is definitely something that you need to take into account because no one is safe from accidents. With plenty of polices available, use your discretion to choose the correct one.