Unfortunately, for everyone who has fallen victim to a personal injury accident, the procedure which follows is tedious and lengthy. You’d have to take care of extensive paperwork and a lot of documents in order to set the course of the claim. Furthermore, there are quite a lot of different application forms that you’d need to be aware of when filing for accident benefits. The following has the sole intention of examining the majority of those forms and providing you with clear insight in regard.

OCF-1 Application for accident benefits

This is the most basic and the primary form that you are going to be required to complete. You are going to get a package with the form in the mail and you have to complete this not more than 30 days within the reception. If you can’t complete it, you should still mail it out to the insurance company explaining why you couldn’t complete it.

OCF-2 Employer’s Income Confirmation

If you are planning on claiming Income replacement benefits you are going to be required to complete this particular form. If during the year prior to the accident you have been employed for at least 26 weeks, you are going to be eligible for these benefits.

OCF-3 – Disability Certification

This is particularly crucial if you have become disabled as a result of the accident. It shows that a licensed medical professional has duly diagnosed you with the disability. This has to be completed with your doctor or any of the other health care professionals that you have attended. They will provide the required information.

OCF-5 Permission to disclose health information

This is only required, if there is an adjuster in charge of your claim and he requests it. It’s going to allow the insurance company to take a look at your personal records from the medical facility. However, it’s advisable that you find out the exact records that the adjuster requests access to and make sure that they aren’t exposing you in any other way.

OCF-23 Pre-approved Treatment confirmation

The PFTCF should also be thoroughly completed, if it’s requested from your own insurance company. It is going to be requested for certain categories of damages. This is why you shouldn’t be overly worried if it’s not requested by your insurer.
These are just some of the most basic application forms which are going to be required by you. In any case, you have to make sure that you contact a personal injury lawyer prior to filling these up because they are going to have a tremendous impact on the outcome of your entire claim. Failing to complete them appropriately could result in some serious complications and reductions of your compensation. That is why you need to ensure that you consult the right lawyers and fill the requisite forms properly.