What sort of businessperson would consider it wise to try killing some of its customers? It strains the imagination to try dreaming-up the profile for such an entrepreneur. Yet a nursing home might be charged with a wrongful death, after aiding the death of a patient. Moreover, the patient’s family has paid that same business.

Obviously, the owner of a nursing home does not go around killing the patients in that facility. Yet that owner does hire the members of the staff; he or she also arranges for their training. For that reason, the owners of various nursing homes can be held responsible for any negligent and abusive behavior that has been demonstrated by members of the staff.

Types of abuse that can prove deadly:

Neglect and abandonment are the behaviors that most-often get associated with a wrongful death.

What could motivate the acceptance of such negligent behavior?

• The nursing facility must meet unexpected costs.
• The home’s owner wants to avoid those circumstances that could cause a slippage into a period of severe hardships.

Actions to be taken by family that has lost a loved one, a former patient:

Learn the rules for the state or province in which the family lives. In some states a wrongful death claim must be filed by a personal representative of the deceased’s estate. When necessary, a court may volunteer to name such a representative. Hire an Injury Lawyer in Brampton, a member of the legal profession. The lawyer can work with a representative from the grieving family.

Expenses for which family should be compensated

The pain and suffering endured by the deceased, as the target of abusive behavior.

If any family members sought counseling services, in order to deal with their grief, the cost of such services counts as a damage. The money spent for such services should be reimbursed by means of the filed claim.

Any family members that had enjoyed the love, affection and companionship of the elderly person that died while in the nursing home can seek money for loss of love, affection or companionship.

Any family members that received some type of financial support from the deceased relative can seek compensation for loss of support.

If the person in the home had been working, and had then become disabled, the grieving family members could seek compensation for the loss of wages, which resulted from their loved one’s passing. That loss could concern both the immediate loss of wages and the absence of future earnings.

That added damage, the absence of future earnings highlights the need for a lawyer. Lawyers can locate economic experts. Such experts can provide figures that support a claim for added compensation, due to a lack of future earnings.