You know your way around your own home, but not the home of a neighbor. By the same token, you lack great familiarity with commercial establishments and public places. Consequently, a visit to any of those locations can push you to venture into a dangerous area.

Some specific examples of general dangers, as found in residential, commercial and public properties:

1) A structure with a faulty design belongs on a listing of dangerous locations. An architect could put a faulty design in a home, a business or in a public structure. A raised floor stands as an excellent example of a faulty design in a building or other structure.

Most of us look in front of us as we walk. We want to see where we are headed. Hence, we might miss the existence of a raised floor. Having missed that rise in the flooring, we might trip over it.

2) A poorly-constructed edifice also belongs on a listing of dangerous locations. Even top-quality materials fail to create a safe edifice, if those same materials have been put together in a haphazard fashion. An obstructed pathway could create threatening problems in a home, a business or in a public building.
3) A poorly-maintained property tends to develop some dangerous sections. For instance, it might contain an area of exposed wires. Poor maintenance of a stairway could lead to creation of a crumbling staircase. Good maintenance includes arranging for a proper level of lighting. A poorly-lit area poses a danger to those that must enter it.
4) The utilization of substandard materials can lead to construction of a dangerous edifice. Wires should have the correct amount of insulation. Plumbing should not contain any substances that might leak into the water. Cheap materials can decay or rot, aiding the creation of falling debris.

How to deal with faulty design within a home.

The owners of a home can get used to a faulty design, such as a raised floor. Still, guests might get injured, when walking over that unfamiliar surface. A good host keeps that fact in mind, if guests will be entering an area that might be termed dangerous.

The host or hostess should stand near the rise in the flooring and warn those that approach that particular spot. Keep in mind the fact that a rise could also be found outdoors. A porch might have a floor that is just a bit above the ground.

The most obvious outdoor danger

In any open-air spot, the most obvious danger would be a body of water, such as a swimming pool. A swimming pool should be surrounded by a fence, so that small children cannot get to it. If there is any accident, the injured victim needs to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississauga to get justice and compensation.