Although playgrounds are considered to be safe places for children in Ontario, many parents are confused whether the specific playground and related equipment is safe or not. For most children, any severe fall can result in a trip to the ER as faulty playground equipment is one of the main reasons for slips and falls of children. It is essential that parents can be vigilant and being aware of the pitfalls and safeguarding the children for injuries.

Preventive measures

Though the condition and right use of the equipment is essential, it is equally important that you dress the child before he or she enters the play area. Ensure that your child has:

• No hoods, drawstrings or loose clothes that can get catch on the equipment while they run around or swing. This is one of the leading causes of childhood injuries.
• Ensure that the children wear safety helmets, if they are riding to the park and take them off when they use the playground equipment as helmets are big and can get stuck, trapping the child’s head.
• Make sure that the children wear proper sneakers or shoes before they enter the play area.
• An adult should be there to supervise the children in the playground.

It is essential that you check the playground surface before the children start playing. Concrete and asphalt surface can lead to far greater injuries, while grass and dirt turns out to be better as it softens the fall. It is important that synthetic surfaces (rubber matting/shredded rubber) and sand needs to be minimum of 30 cm deep to ensure that the risk of injury is minimized. As a parent, you need to ensure that there are no pieces of glass or nails lying around where the child has to play. Do a quick check of the swings or the edges of playground equipment, so that there are no rough spots or sharp edges that can cause lacerations or cuts.

In summers, the metal parts of the playground equipment can heat up so it is important to ensure that you check the surface, so that your child doesn’t get burned. There are many aspects of safety at a play ground that needs to be considered and if the children are older, they need to be a part of the discussion about safety and being alert.

Talk to your children about staying within the precincts of the playground within the supervision of you or a responsible adult in the vicinity. However, despite all precautions and safety measures, children do get injured. If your child has been injured due to poor maintenance of playground equipment, you are entitled to file a claim with the help of the injury lawyer in Mississauga. It is best to consult with them after seeking medical treatment for the child.