Whether you are just the occupier of a property, or the legal owner, you will be required to uphold your property in a hazard free state. This is because lawful visitors, like mailmen or food delivery service providers, have a right to set foot on your property without putting themselves at risk of injury or other losses.

Examples of Dangerous Public/Commercial/Residential Properties:

• Hazardous design faults, i.e. exposed wiring, lacking illumination of the walkway
• Unstable construction, i.e. crumbling stairs, unfastened pathways
• Lacking maintenance, i.e. slippery floors, obstructed pathways
• Frail building materials, i.e. falling debris, cracking wooden steps

If any of these or other dangerous conditions resulted in you sustaining an injury on somebody else’s property, then you may find yourself entitled to filing a personal injury lawsuit with the help of injury lawyer in Brampton against the owner or occupier of the property. Among the most common accidents connected to such dangerous conditions are slip and falls and trip and falls. These accidents can lead to severe injuries with potentially permanent consequences, i.e. when the victim sustains an injury to their spinal column. This usually leads to paraplegia and can alter your whole life. Compensation amounts for such catastrophic injuries are highest as the long-term treatment and rehabilitation costs are high. Your lawyer will be able to guide you better.

How To Prove The Property Owner/Occupier Liable For Your Injuries?

It can be rather difficult to prove the property owner’s, or occupier’s, negligence in cases like these, especially if they have proof of past attempts to fix or remove the hazard which led to your injuries.There are two main elements which you will need to focus on as you build your case against the owner, or occupier, of the property. For one, you will need to prove that they did not provide reasonable care of your safety while you were navigating on their property. This can be a failure to fix the dangers on their property, or a failure to warn you of said dangers. And secondly, you will need to prove that this neglect is what led to you sustaining your injuries.

How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

The first thing you should following an accident on somebody else’s property is to contact a personal injury lawyer. They will be able to help you figure out whether you can build a case with a chance of success or not. For this, they will help you assess the circumstances surrounding your accident, including whether or not the property owner/occupier could have reasonably been aware of the dangerous conditions, and could thus have removed the hazard or warned you of it.