Canadian car insurance companies realize that not all Canadians stick to the roads in their native county. Canada has a long and well-traveled border with the United States. For that reason, the policies issued by the Ontario’s insurance companies have several safeguards.

Details on 3 of the safeguards

No-fault benefits: These cover the injured driver whether an accident takes place in Ontario, inside Canada, but outside of Ontario, or inside of the United States. This safeguard even considers a fourth possibility. The no-fault benefits would extend to a driver that took a car onto a ship that traveled from the United States to Canada, or a ship that traveled in the opposite direction.

Uninsured automobile coverage: This covers a driver that gets hit by one of the uninsured drivers on the road.

Family protection endorsement: This insures coverage to both the driver and certain family members, if any of them were to get injured outside of Canada. This endorsement expands the size of the umbrella for the coverage that was granted by the no-fault benefits.

Why are only certain family members covered?

Insurers may have added that provision in order to keep any family from seeking coverage for a loved pet. Insurers do not want to be saddled with the need to cover any pets that might accompany a family during its travels. Some of the spots that a family might care to visit would not be the ideal location for a pet.

Places where a pet could be a problem

Up along the St. Lawrence Seaway: Here the locks are fascinating, but there is not lots of land on which a dog could run around.

In area of Niagara Falls: This is found along the eastern border between the U.S. and Canada. Here buildings tend to be close together. There is not much space for a dog to run around. It would be hard to control a pet in the middle of such large crowds.

Along the Great Lakes (near Lake Eerie, especially): If you want to take a dog into the U. S. you must provide evidence of its vaccinations. If you do not have that evidence, you will have to get the animal vaccinated or turn back.

Benefits promised to drivers by safeguards

• Income replacement: It is not clear whether or not this includes loss of future earnings.
• Caregiver
• Medical care: It is not clear if this extends to any form of rehabilitation care.
• Repayment for lost educational opportunity
• Funeral expenses
• Reimbursement for damaged clothing, glasses or medical devices.
• Reimbursement for damage to your vehicle.

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