Some of the more common questions that a personal injury lawyer answers involve the claim of medical malpractice. More specifically what is it and what’s involved in such a claim/case? Some types of medical malpractice cases are blatantly obvious such as:

• administering or prescribing the wrong medication
• performing surgery on the wrong organ or part of the body
• performing surgery on the wrong patient
• performing the wrong surgical procedure

Unfortunately, medical malpractice is oftentimes difficult to identify. Consequently, this type of personal injury case can be very complex and take a considerable amount of time before it goes to court or a settlement is reached in negotiations. These cases often leave the family of the patient wondering if it was medical malpractice or simply a rare complication. That is why hiring the services of a lawyer becomes imminent. The legal expert will be able to evaluate the claim and see the merit in it before taking it on. That would help you know that your claim holds value. The lawyer will evaluate and calculate the exact amount of compensation that you can claim before filing for it.

Do I have a Case?

According to Provincial Law, medical malpractice is an act or omission that deviates from the accepted practice norms of medicine and causes harm or injury to a patient while they are being treated by physician or healthcare official. Consequently, it can be difficult to prove malpractice because of the complex nature of these cases. A review of the patient’s medical records or another physician consult will be required.

These cases require the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer that specializes in medical malpractice claims and cases. They’ll need to review all hospital and medical records that apply to your case. However, if your lawyer determines that you have grounds to file a personal injury claim, you’ll need a medical professional to conclude that the hospital or physician who treated you was indeed negligent.If you decide to sue a doctor for medical malpractice, DON’T . . .

• assume your physician or their staff will continue treating you once you sue them
• believe that your case is about punishing your physician and getting retribution from them
• expect the case to proceed quickly or reach a settlement immediately
• hire an inexperienced lawyer
• lose faith in your personal injury lawyer

The importance of hiring a lawyer to file your medical malpractice personal injury claim and represent you in court cannot be overstated in such cases. However, don’t hire just any injury lawyer. Make sure that the legal expert has handled such complex cases in the past and will be able to handle your case properly. Ensure that you read online reviews about the services or talk with past clients before you work with an injury lawyer.