It’s absolutely important to point out that these types of accidents are rather regular. As unfortunate as it may be, they are usually going to end up with particularly traumatic complications. This is due to the fact that pedestrians are entirely exposed and there is absolutely nothing to protect them. Basically it’s usually a collision between an exposed common street walker and heavy machinery like a regular vehicle, for instance. You can easily determine which one is going to sustain more damage. However, there are quite a lot of things that have to be taken into proper account when it comes to pedestrian accidents.
Right off the bat, it’s important to make a firm differentiation between the consequences which these accidents are going to bring in. The injuries are capable of taking all forms like orthopedic injuries, brain and spinal cord damage and even death. However, when the accident isn’t fatal, there are two things to be considered.

Short term disability

Almost every single pedestrian accident is going to result in short term disability at best. We say at best because the severity of these accidents is dramatic. In any case, the definition of a short term disability is a disorder which has relatively strong potential of recovery in a reasonable amount of time. To put it in simpler words – you are likely to recover in more than a year or two. Of course, a lot is going to happen during this time but it’s way better than the alternative.

Long term disability

Long term disability refers to permanent disorders or injuries which are unlikely or impossible to recover at all. Lost limbs, traumatic brain damage causing mental dysfunction and many more are included here. The problems stem from the fact that this is a condition which is going to require permanent treatment and constant oversight – at least in the majority of cases.
Some of the most commonly claimed damages in pedestrian accidents include compensation for domestic assistants, medical expenses, prolonged pain and suffering, loss of wages and many more of the kind. The important thing that has to be taken into account when discussing this particular type of accidents is the severity. Pedestrian accidents are almost always going to result in dramatic injuries and that’s inevitable. The nature of the accident predisposes this. The impact of the vehicle with a person who is walking can be severe and in many cases, leads to disabilities and even fatalities.
With this in mind, it is paramount to work with a reputable personal injury lawyer who is well versed and properly aware of how to handle the case. This is going to give you a certain edge and the much needed effective legal representation and protection. This is the only way to properly ensure that your case is handled professionally. It is best to contact a lawyer that specializes in high-impact road accident cases and they will be able to assist you.