This is always the dilemma that drivers face; “Do I have enough to Insurance coverage?” Without the proper coverage, it can be expensive should you find yourself in an accident. There are two parts of insurance:
• Statutory accident benefits which cover the no-fault accidents that occur from time to time
• Bodily injury which covers the driver if he/she was at fault in causing an accident.
Insurance coverage is a rule for all drivers and is normally verified when a vehicle is registered at your local Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. Consumers are free to purchase their own insurance and receive the coverage that best fits their family.

How changes in the system affected drivers

Every state will regulate the amount of coverage for drivers. The most standard coverage include:
• Injured party receives up to $100,000 to be used for medical expenses and rehabilitation
• $3,500 awarded to each victim of the accident for minor injuries including muscle sprains/strains
• Maximum benefits are set to $50,000

Optional coverage you can purchase

Third party liability insurance coverage is also available when a claim is filed for someone that has been injured in an accident. The minimum coverage is $200,000. There are statutory accident benefits that are awarded to someone who was injured during a collision. The coverage will include:
• Death and funeral benefits
• Medical benefits
• Rehabilitation benefits
• Attendant care benefits
• Income replacement benefits
• Caregiver benefits
• Housekeeping benefits

Understanding the Insurance Companies

In most cases, insurance is not something that people can afford. It’s expensive to pay for the “what if” coverage and while most people don’t use the insurance at some point in their life, when or if they would need it, they should be able to rely on it. Insurance companies are not always the easiest to get along with, especially if you have a claim that must be recognized. You may have went with the basic of coverage or you may have elected to get the extra coverage to optimize your benefits should you ever need it at some point. When that insurance company won’t issue your check after you have been involved in an accident, you feel slighted, like you have paid for something that never benefited you. That’s where your personal injury lawyer can step up and help fight for your rights to your benefits. If the insurance companies try to get out of paying, your lawyer can make it possible for your benefits to begin.
Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississauga can represent you to the insurance companies so you can rest and get better. When an injury occurs, you have medical appointments, therapy, and other appointments that need to be kept and it’s also important to be able to pay your bills. If something gets behind, you may not be able to catch it up without having some type of income coming in. The personal injury lawyer will help you take care of that part as quickly as possible.