Have you found yourself in a seriously traumatic accident and you sustain a lot of injuries. This is something that quite a lot of people have to deal with in Ontario when they get involved in accidents. However, you want to take proactive measures in order to ensure that you receive the monetary compensation that you know you are entitled to. And, by all means, you most certainly should.
However, the thing is that you have a certain time frame that you have to consider. This is something important and you should most definitely account for it. Time limitations could strip you off the right to pursue the matter and this is not something you want to go through.
Regardless of where you bring your case forward to, it is very important that you do so within the shortest possible time. At the worst case scenario, you should make sure that you are aware of the deadlines. If you fail to do so, the statute of limitations might stop you from doing so in the future and the judge is going to throw away your claim and deny your chances of a trial. That is why you need to discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer in Brampton and understand the timelines that you have.

What are the limitations that you have to be aware of?

Now, the truth is that this is something rather subjective and it’s going to differ from one case to another and from one product to another. Typically, in Ontario, you would first have to file a letter of intent within a week after you’ve sustained your injury and you should let the opposite party know that you are going to be leading a case. From then on, you have two years to initiate your claim. This is the important term that you have to be well aware of. Your lawyer will be able to inform you about the other details that have to be considered.

The time of the accident

This is something that you need to take into very important consideration as it is going to determine the overall time that you will have to get your claim filed. This period is something which is different and floating for every single case so that is something that you should be careful with. The damages might appear later, a lot after the accident had taken place.
All in all, this is something which you need to discuss with your personal injury lawyer. A lot of people tend to believe that this is something redundant and that filing a claim of the kind doesn’t require any special expertise. As a matter of fact, product liability is likely to be amongst the most complicated personal injury endeavors and it’s certainly something that requires the thorough professionalism of an experienced lawyer with the necessary expertise.