Without beating around the bush, it’s safe to say that there are quite a few different types of motor vehicle accidents. The differentiation is based upon the type of vehicle which was involved in the collision. With this in mind, we recognize public transit accidents, train accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents and a range of others which are rather uncommon. However, it goes without saying that motorcycle and car accidents are the prevailing percentage on the territory of Ontario and they are the ones that we are going to lay attention on. Let’s take a quick look.

Car accidents in Ontario

Car accidents in Ontario are particularly common and it doesn’t go a day without one to happen. In any case, not all of them end up with serious damages, especially if they happen in a city. This is because drivers are usually following the speed restriction regulations and fatalities are highly unlikely, unless there’s a pedestrian involved. The lawyers in Burlington can help you.
That’s why the majority of car accident claims are never going to reach the court room – they get paid out or settled in advance. The opposing party is usually well aware of the fact that it can’t deny the liability and thus does not want to risk the accumulation of expenses associated with a potential court procedure. This is why an out-of-the-court settlement is usually preferred.

Motorcycle accidents

Unlike car accidents, motorcycle accidents are usually much more severe and dramatic. With this in mind, a wide range of these cases are not just a matter of insurance but also a matter of survival. Unlike car drivers, motorcyclists do not have the added security of the car. They can only rely on their protective gear and oftentimes this is far from being enough. This is why such cases are more commonly seen in the court room as the injured parties battle for higher compensations than the ones offered by the insurance companies.
Interestingly enough, both types of accidents are regulated by the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario as well as the Insurance Act and the adjacent rules of fault determination. With this in mind, these are the only similarities between the types of accidents and everything else, apart from that is completely different and specific.
In any case, cautious should be exercised when driving, regardless of the type of vehicle you are currently operating. The single moment of unawareness and distraction could cause dramatic and devastating consequences which may ruin your life. With this in mind, it’s also worth noting that distracted driving is still the number one cause for accidents in the state of Ontario. The only thing that can help prevent that is more awareness amongst drivers.