Now, Ontario is a province which is well known for its cycling culture. However, despite the majority of the cities in it having designated and special paths as well as lanes for cyclists for them to go to work and for recreations, accidents involving a cyclist tend to happen a lot more often than they should. Unfortunately, these accidents oftentimes result in grave injuries and particularly serious damages because cyclists are far less protected than the other participants in the traffic.

This is why the majority of the cycling accidents which involve other stable motor vehicles such as cars or even motorcycles would usually conclude and result in a catastrophic injury, a seriously traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, scars, and others of the kind. With this in mind, you should definitely take this into account and pay strict attention to all of the driving conditions when you are on your bike. You should also consider getting the assistance of a professional personal injury lawyer if you are to ensure that everything is handled as per the highest industry standards. This is going to guarantee that you get the maximum amount of compensation and that you don’t get pushed around on and about by the insurance company.

Bicycle accidents and their place in the Ontario Insurance Act

The Insurance Act of Ontario allows cyclists who have been seriously injured in accidents on the road to apply for accident benefits. These are known to include benefits for loss of income, rehabilitation and rehabilitative care, medical treatment, death benefits and funeral costs. However, filing for those benefits is far from being easy and comprehensive. You should be aware that there are quite a lot of forms to fill out and you need to make sure that you include only the most relevant and factual information. Failing to do so could result in expensive complications later on. It is best to talk with your lawyer and discuss the next course of action. Oftentimes, the injuries can be limiting and that is when the family can help the victim seek justice.

The insurance company is not your friend

Keep in mind that the insurance adjusters are going to make it look as if everything they do is with the sole intention to help you. It’s not. They have absolutely no interest in paying you a substantial amount of money because that’s their loss. This is something that you should be aware of. The more they manage to cut back from the compensation, the more money they will report as profit.

With all this being taken into proper account, getting a professional personal injury lawyer is without a doubt one of your first and critical priorities. You should understand that doing so early on will guarantee that every step of the process is properly taken which is required in order to ensure that you get the necessary compensation.