Spinal cord injuries are amongst the most dangerous once that could occur after an accident. Unfortunately, just like orthopedic injuries, they could be the result of almost any accident with the exclusion of dog attacks, probably. However, motorcycle and car accidents, pedestrian and public transit accidents and slip and fall are all too common cases in which spinal cord injuries tend to happen. With this in mind, it’s important to understand that every single area is governed by different set of statutory provisions and laws which are particular and concise and the injuries are going to be set forth in them. These pieces of legislation include the Occupier’s Liability Act, the Insurance Act of Ontario and the Highway Traffic Act.

However, it’s worth noting that spinal cord injuries are particularly dangerous and severe. The spinal cord is an essential part of your body and when even slightly damaged it’s capable of causing grave consequences. This is because that’s basically the inter connector of your entire back and lower body and if even the slightest damage occurs this is capable of rendering you unable to move certain body parts for the rest of your live. Spinal cord injuries are the main cause for long-term disability and when it comes to it, there are a lot of specific claims to be filed.

Long-term disability would generally suggest that the victim is going to start receiving some sort of disability payment – a pension. This is paid either by the one who caused the accident or by the insurance company, provided that the injured had been insured for this particular risk. In any case, the disability is likely to render him unable to produce the same amount of work as he did before and this is going to result in a loss of income because your employer won’t be able to pay you as much, provided you are even able to keep your job in the first place. Your lawyer is going to ensure that the insurance company does not lowball you on the amount of damages provided.

As per the legislation governing this particular area you are going to be entitled to sue for the difference of what you are getting as a compensation and your income prior to the accident. This is pretty convenient and it provides a lot of security for the permanently disabled as it allows them to maintain a proper lifestyle despite of the fact that they are no longer capable of providing the same amount of work.

When it comes to spinal cord injuries, it’s important to note that they are related with grave pain and suffering. The entire endeavor is related with terrible aches, disability and in some cases, complete paralysis which are going to lead the door wide open for compensatory claims in this particular regard as well. The amount of compensation that the victim qualifies for depends upon the level of injury and disability that has been rendered due to the accident.