Now, the truth is that the majority of personal injury lawyers are going to offer a free first consultation in the province of Ontario. While this is free, you should certainly take advantage of it. This is usually an incentive for clients to visit the office and get them to hire the lawyer to represent them when it’s time.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t think that just because it’s free, the lawyer won’t put enough effort – it’s just the opposite. The main idea is to get you through the door – from then on, it’s his responsibility and in his best interest to try to help you out as much as it’s possible. However, in order for this to be possible, you need to come prepared with a certain set of documents. Let’s take a look at the things that you might want to bring.

The Accident Report

This is the report which is filed with your local police. It is going to help establish the actual circumstances surrounding the accident. The report is going to describe the scene, the way it happened, the names of the drivers and everything that was relevant at the time of the occurrence.

Your own notes

Some people prefer to take quick notes once the accident had happened. This is a great approach. If you have done so, you should definitely consider bringing those with you. It’s going to be of help for the attorney to determine the way everything happened and to get a clearer picture. It is best to dictate it to a loved one if you have been injured but coherent.


Now, regardless of whether you have been involved in a simple slip and fall or in a dramatic car accident, pictures will always help. With this in mind, it’s important to ensure that you take as many of them as you can, if you are in a condition to do so. These become important evidence in the court of law.

Medical bills as well as the records

These are going to help the attorney get an overall estimate of the worth of your case. That’s going to help him advise you on how much it’s going to cost you to pursuit the matter in court and other financial matters. Furthermore, he will tell you what amount of the actual damages are claimable and what should you expect.

Of course, there are also other things that you might want to take with you. For instance, your own insurance policy should be of great help. The more documents you bring in, the better. This is going to help the lawyer figure out more about the accident, your injuries. And that is exactly in order for him to provide you with better and more thorough representation. Ensure that discuss it with two or three lawyers if you are looking for the best lawyer in the city.