Certain questions tend to run through the mind of someone that has been denied short term disability benefits. Their inquiries, some of which remain unspoken, reflect their concerns about the immediate future.

Sample question #1: Am I likely to win an appeal?

You can increase your chances for winning, if you secure good information from a doctor that is familiar with your case. Also, ask to be prescribed the type of treatment that satisfies the “best-practices” criterion. Naturally, it helps to follow any treatment suggestions. Finally, request a specialist, if necessary.

Sample question #2: When I have no short-term disability, am I required to return to work?

The insurance company can decide whether or not to pay you, but not whether or not you must return to work. Realize though, that your payments may be denied, if your doctor has said that you can return to work.

If you have your doctor’s permission, you should benefit from agreeing to return to your workplace. That action gets noted, if you appeal the denial. It makes your case stronger, especially if your disability continued to pose problems.

Sample question #3: Can my employer alter my status as a member of the workforce?

Your employer cannot terminate your employment on the basis of a health condition. Yet employers do have the right to fire employees that commit other specific offenses. For instance, in the absence of any new medical information, your employer has reason to expect you to come to work. If a string of absences destroys that expectation, you could be terminated on the grounds that your behavior equated with a charge of unauthorized absenteeism.

Sample question #4: Can I apply for the short-term payments that are issued to ill employees in Canada?

Yes, if you are a resident of Canada, you can apply for such payments. There are 3 categories of workers that qualify for such payments. Those are the workers that are ill, the ones that have been denied short term disability benefits and also those that got approved, but did not receive the expected payments/benefits.

Sometimes an insurance company claims that an unexpected problem has delayed the delivery of a policy holder’s benefit. Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississauga knows that policy holder can seek the coverage promised ill employees. Still, it helps to do so quickly. The same example of quick action should get undertaken by anyone that was denied short term coverage, and hoped to get the alternative payments.

Workers that fail to act quickly, when responding to a denial letter, leave the impression that their disability is not a real problem. Obviously, employees that create such an impression could find it hard to enjoy success with appealing a denial.