Those personal injury lawyer in Mississauga that work on a contingency basis usually provide any potential client with chance to pose questions at the time of a free consultation. Smart claimants/clients plan ahead, in order to take advantage of that time.

Questions that help the potential clients become familiar with whatever attorney that could become their source of legal help.

• In what aspects of personal injury law do you specialize?
• For how long have you been helping clients that have legal concerns of that nature?
• Do you charge a contingency fee, or do you use a different method for charging your clients?

Who will work on my case? You do not need to ask that question if the consulted lawyer has joined or established a small firm. On the other hand, clients deserve to know who will work on their case, if their consulted attorney has joined a large firm.

How do you handle communications? Before posing that query, you should understand the optional means for communication: email, phone calls or face-to-face. Find out if the questioned lawyer expects each client to adopt the same means of communication as he or she had chosen.

Questions that the consulted, personal injury lawyer would probably ask any possible client

• How did this accident take place?
• Did you have any injuries?

After the details in a client’s story have become clear in a lawyer’s mind, then he or she should be ready for an additional inquiry.

Here are 2 inquiries that could reflect the thoughts on the possible client’s mind:

• What is my case worth?
• How long should I need to wait, before the case has been resolved?

Message implied by the answer

Some lawyers must confess, in response to a client’s query, that his or her case is not worth very much. That answer, if given, indicates the lawyer’s lack of desire to handle that same case. Realize that a refusal stated at one lawyer’s office does not always mean a refusal from all lawyers.

If an attorney’s answer has suggested that the presented case/claim could not be resolved quickly, then the claimant/client should realize that certain facts are true. Here is one of those facts: He or she would need to cooperate with whomever agreed to serve as legal counsel during pursuit of the presented claim. Otherwise, the chances for a win could be slight.

Of course, any good personal injury attorney would do his or her best, in order to ensure a win for any accident victim that has sought that same attorney’s legal assistance. In general, an attorney’s education and experience should help to increase the chances for a favorable resolution of whatever dispute that has triggered the filed claim.