#1: How much would my case be worth if you take it?

While there is no simple way to determine how much you would get if you win your case, this is a very common question when searching for a lawyer to take your case. The way that insurance companies determine the amount that you will get will vary. They’re main goal is to offer you the least amount possible for your claim. The job of a lawyer is to get you the most you can get.
There are a few factors involved when determining how much you will get. The extent of your injuries and how well you are healing from them will be a huge part of determining how your case goes forward.

#2: Does it take a long time to take a claim to court?

Many personal injury cases can take up to three years to completely resolve. If you can find a lawyer that is willing to work consistently at presenting your case, then it will be worth the way.

#3: Are there any timelines that I need to be aware of after my accident?


There are certain deadlines that must be met if you want to file a personal injury claim. You will need to know which deadlines apply to you in the state that you are in. It’s important to talk to your lawyer and determine when you should file and what deadlines apply to you.

#4: Why do I need to watch what I post on social media?

One way people keep in touch with everyone these days is through social media. It seems like everyone posts both good and bad things that occurs with them throughout their life. When an accident occurs, this is a big life changing event that normally gets posted on social media. However, what you post is also going to be what the insurance and or the defendant to your case will see. If they see something that doesn’t agree with what you are saying or shows you mowing your grass when you are claiming to be in so much pain.

#5: Do insurance companies have the right to use surveillance?

Insurance companies not only have the right, but they do use surveillance in order to promote honesty. That’s why it’s always a good idea to be honest with everyone involved with your case; you want to promote the honesty necessary in order to win your case. If you are not honest, you may end up losing your case and a few good people along the way.

#6: Can I choose my own treatment provider or does the insurance company choose it for me?

When it comes to paying claims, the more you cooperate with the insurance company, the better you will be however, while it is common for the insurance companies to tell you where they want you to go, you don’t always have to go. In each case, you want to have the legal advice of your personal injury lawyer in Mississauga when choosing a medical provider for the treatment of your injuries.