Life can become very difficult after an accident. Whether you are dealing with medical bills or have other health issues that are plaguing you, it is important to seek damages after the accident. However, you cannot do it alone. You need legal assistance and that is why it helps to work with the best lawyers in the city.

Whenever you hire an injury lawyer in Mississauga and their legal team to represent you and file your claim, you will have to deal with the insurance company and lawyers who are representing the party responsible for the accident and your injuries. Remember, the insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. They only care about protecting their bottom line.Here are 7 big reasons why the insurance companies are not your friend, especially in a personal injury case:

• Insurance companies invest your premiums in order to make more profits. This is why they are so unwilling to negotiate and pay out large claim settlements.

• Insurance companies make erroneous and misleading legal claims. Even though they might threaten you with adverse legal implications, these are smoke screens that are meant to intimidate you.

• Insurance companies record every conversation during negotiations. They are trained to do this in order to find any inconsistencies in your personal injury claim.

• Insurance companies try to persuade you from seeking legal representation. But they’ll be more likely to settle your claim if you have hired an injury lawyer Mississauga and threaten to take them to court.

• Insurance companies want to settle out of court. Granted, they stand to make money by delaying your claim. However, their losses will be significant if you win your case in court.

• Insurance companies will delay paying a claim if you have a solid case. They will employ “delay and deny” tactics so they don’t lose their investment monies (namely your premiums).

• Insurance companies will push for quick settlements. They do this in order to resolve the issue quickly, shut you up, and take a smaller hit to their bottom line.

Sadly, many personal injury victims have been lured in by insurance companies that fail to deliver on the service they have promised such as how quickly and easily they handle accident benefits claims. They oftentimes make false promises to get you to switch to their company. But they’ll never tell you how far they’ll go to protect their own interests. This is why it’s vital that you hire an injury lawyer firm to represent you. They understand all the legal repercussions and know about the ways of the court cases.