Normally, someone who has filed a personal injury claim seeks out and hires a reputable lawyer. Those few that do not carry-out such an action invite the emergence of some unpleasant consequences.

Consequence of lacking sufficient knowledge

The person that has filed a personal injury claim does not have a complete understanding or the situation. Yes, that man or woman may know what happened on the day of the accident, but lawyers can compare any given incident with others that took place earlier. What evidence was presented at the time of the trial? What was the decision of the judge and jury?

An attorney may need to consult with a specialist. That might be a medical specialist or someone that specializes in economic issues. Only Personal Injury Lawyers in Brampton know how to track down and hire such specialists. Furthermore, lawyers have become familiar with the lawsuit process. Someone that lacks much knowledge of that particular process surrenders the chance for securing a fair settlement.

Consequence of lacking a supportive legal representative

A lawyer speaks for the client in the courtroom. In a personal injury case, a defendant might file a countersuit. Without a lawyer’s presence, the plaintiff may find it quite difficult to fight the accusations raised in that countersuit. Even in the absence of a countersuit, the lawyer’s argument works to strengthen the client’s case, and increases the chances for a winning case.

Risk of losing the case

If a personal injury lawyer loses a case, the client pays nothing, because that lawyer charges a contingency fee. When there is no award, the lawyer’s fee becomes zero. The hired attorney handles any court costs. If someone that has filed a claim fails to seek an attorney’s help, then he or she could get stuck with a bill for any court costs. If the tried case is lost, the claimant ends up paying more money, instead of collecting a reward.

If could be that the case got lost due to the judge’s failure to recognize the influence of a legal issue. If that were the case, and if a lawyer recognized that fact, the loser could pursue an appeal. Of course, in the absence of a legal representative, the person that failed to win a fair compensation would lack the ability to pursue the appeals process.

Even if he or she could figure out what to do next, pursuit of that process would mean paying even more unexpected costs. The client of a personal injury lawyer does not get hit with such costs. Those have been covered by the contingency agreement. That fact highlights the reason that the risk of losing represents one of the consequences faced by someone that chose to file a personal injury claim, but did not think it necessary to hire an attorney.