Whenever you’re seeking compensation in a personal injury claim, you’ll most likely have to deal with an insurance adjuster. For example, if you sustain injuries in an auto accident, you’ll inevitably be dealing with insurance adjusters who will help determine the amount of the settlement they’re going to offer you. However, there’s just one problem. That person works for the insurance company and has their best interests in mind – NOT yours – hence the need to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Basic Responsibilities and Duties

According to their job description, insurance adjusters have certain responsibilities and duties that they must follow in order to do their jobs properly and being your friend in a personal injury case in isn’t one of them. Their sole purpose is to protect their employer’s bottom line and save the company money. The following are several examples of what is expected of them:

• determine if the claimant received “too much” medical attention and treatment
• gather background information on the claimant
• inspect the damage that resulted from the accident
• interact with the claimant if at all possible
• meet with the insurance company’s lawyers regarding claims

The reality is that this isn’t a process of negotiations. It is a negotiating process that is prescribed under the law. Whenever you’re dealing with insurance adjusters, you need leverage and that leverage is the personal injury lawyer you hire to assist you.They have years of experience in dealing with such cases in the past.

What is taken into Consideration?

The insurance adjuster in your personal injury claim is going to be looking at the same factors that the judge, jury, and your lawyer will be taking into consideration.Adjusters will be looking at the following factors when determining what the insurance company should offer you as a settlement:

• Actual financial losses such as lost income or wages
• Actual incurred expenses (medical bills and other related costs) as well as those that arise in the future
• Damages for emotional distress
• Damages for pain and suffering

While these costs and damages are relatively easy to calculate, emotional distress or pain and suffering are quite subjective. Consequently, it’s always wise to rely on the experience and expertise of a personal injury lawyer in Brampton. When you discuss the first step with your insurance adjuster, both of you need to make your points clear about the pros and cons of the claim that you are filing. Usually, the adjuster will try to offer you an amount that is much lower than what you deserve. And then your lawyer will need to counter it with a much higher figure. After some negotiations, a figure or amount is reached that would be suitable to both the parties.