Personal injury lawyers in Burlington know that good evidence can support an allegation of fault. That is why smart accident victims make a point of gathering any item or piece of information that could serve as evidentiary material.

The significant facts in a police report

That should give the time, date and location for the reported accident. If any of the involved parties were issued a ticket, then that fact would get mentioned in the officer’s report. Any reference to violation of a traffic law would suggest negligence, and the negligent party is usually the one that gets hit with blame for the collision.

Photographs make excellent evidence

The person that has chosen to photograph the location of a given collision should snap those photos from multiple angles. Pictures of damage to the involved vehicles could prove useful, even if an insurance adjuster has other photographs of that same damage.

Pictures of any visible injury should help to verify any claim about the nature and extent of that same injury.If any witness has observed that the victim was unconscious for a brief period, was slightly confused, or made mention of numbness, then someone should get the witness’ contact information.

Sometimes the nature of a given accident indicates who was to blame for that same incident.

Following a rear-end collision, the driver of the trailing vehicle is normally that one that should be held liable for any damages. Similarly, a driver making a left-hand turn is supposed to wait for the traffic to clear, before attempting that turn.

Advantages linked to making a return to the scene of the incident

That could aid discovery of a video camera, one that had been focused on the location of the collision. That could allow the victim to speak with a resident of the area, someone that could recall similar accidents at that same location. That would be another witness; hence, more contact information should get added to the existing list.

This would be another opportunity for taking pictures of that particular site, again from multiple angles. Some evidence, such as a tire track or a broken guardrail, could not be removed; therefore, someone should take a picture of that additional piece of evidentiary material.

When to seek an expert’s knowledge

Pursue the knowledge of a medical expert if the adjuster has claimed that the victim should have been wearing some type of protective item, due to the nature of the victim’s pre-existing medical condition. It helps to have proof of the fact that the same condition was under control during the days and minutes prior to the injury-causing incident. Go after such knowledge if adjuster claims victim’s actions caused injury.