Whether you realize it or not, social media is having far greater than average involvement in our everyday life. Almost every other person has a social media account and they use it for interactions with friends, colleagues, family and many more. Having an online presence is truly great in certain aspects. It helps you get in touch with people from across the globe; you can reunite with those you haven’t seen in a while and many more of the kind. However, there are certain things that you would have to take into thorough considerations. Let’s take a look.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts can be used as leverage in certain personal injury law cases. The most common situation would be for someone who is in the middle of an insurance claim procedure to post a picture of him/her looking completely fine. Now, this is bad for you for a few different reasons but let’s start with the most obvious one.

Insurance companies are closely following your profiles, especially if you have filed a compensation claim against them. This is already being accepted as a common practice so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Once you post a picture of yourself looking as healthy as ever, they are going to leverage that against you and make their case that you don’t need the compensation value because you aren’t suffering from the pain you claim you are. And they are going to win it. The reason is quite simple – you don’t seem to be suffering and for any jury this is going to be enough.

Key Considerations on Social Media Behavior

However, there are considerations to be taken. Being involved in a single photo doesn’t mean that you aren’t actually in pain. A lot of arguments could be made here but you have to act timely. Of course, once this happens, you should be ready for court because no insurance company would allow you compensation, or at least not in the same amount that you are claiming. They are going to use your picture as leverage and they would be right to do so, at least in their eyes.

Now, it’s also important to understand that you do have a way out of this mess but once you get to court you never know. The jury always has the final word. This is why improper social media behavior could be the difference between getting a significant compensation and getting cents on the dollar. In any case, you should most certainly refrain from things of the kind.

This raises a lot of questions – is social media becoming the new, fully legit surveillance? Well, it sure does look so. While it’s not regulated as such, it provides a lot of grounds for getting easy information. You might want to talk with a personal injury lawyer, to get further details about the compensation that you are eligible for.