Some healthy, young people see no need for buying health insurance. Yet even a healthy person can become involved in a car accident. Is there a source of help for victims that need a way to pay medical bills?

One possible source: no fault insurance

This source is available in some states. It calls for the driver’s own insurance to pay any medical bills. In some states, it does not cover all medical bills. How can a driver access the money provided by no-fault insurance? Insured drivers can gain access by making a PIP (personal injury protection) claim. Of course, it costs money to add the PIP coverage to an existing policy.

A different coverage provides drivers with an alternative possibility

If the victim of an accident lacks health insurance, then he or she should check to see if the responsible party has purchased medical payment insurance coverage. That covers all of the medical bills that arise from a given accident, up to a stated limit.

Why is it that the injured victim has no health insurance?

Did he or she recently lose a job? Did he or she recently lose insurance coverage? If the victim’s answer to either of those questions is “yes,” then Medicaid might provide the answer.

Not everyone qualifies for Medicaid. Any driver that wants to apply for such assistance should go to the state’s Medicaid office and obtain an application. Complete that same application, and then return the finished form to the office that hands out the blank forms.

The last of the sources demands creation of an agreement between the claimant/victim and the victim’s lawyer.

Injured accident victims that want to use this method must find a doctor that is willing to treat patients that sign a personal injury lien. The signing of that document places a lien on the victim’s expected settlement.

Is that same settlement not also the source of the contingency fee for the Personal Injury Lawyer in Mississauga? Yes, it is. That is why the patient/client needs to talk with his or her attorney. That same attorney must agree to pay the client’s doctor whatever he or she is owed, using the money from the anticipated settlement.

In order for this to work properly, the client/patient must provide the lawyer with all the necessary details. That would include the doctor’s full name, along with his or her address and other contact information. Lacking such information, the patient’s lawyer might have no way of sending the expected money to the deserving physician.

Lack of health insurance is not always a problem. A doctor’s awareness of the details, regarding a personal injury, can allow for creation of more than one way to pay a medical provider.