Now, being involved in a car accident is capable of causing a lot of issues and damages, all of which have to be thoroughly compensated for in order for the victim to be able to go on with his life as usual. Identifying the most important types of expenses is critical and it’s done consistently. However, there are a lot of additional expenses, different from the ones that most of us are usually used to hearing about.
This is where we would list some stranger yet important expenses that you have to consider. Some of them include:

Educational Expenses

This is a benefit for those who were studying in a school or were enrolled at a continuing education program. If due to the accident, they have failed to continue with their education, they are eligible for the compensation. The benefit is going to cover expenses which were incurred well before the incident for equipment,books or room renting, board or tuition. These expenses need to be related directly to the educational program that the victim is incapable of continuing in order to qualify for compensation. The limit that you can claim here is around $15,000.

Visitors Expenses

This is another serious expense line which oftentimes goes unseen and without any special attention. If you suffer from limited mobility or other impairments of some sort because of the accident, the insurance company is going to pay for the necessary and reasonable expenses as incurred by the people as they come to visit you throughout your recovery period and treatment:
• Your spouse, grandchildren, parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives;
• An individual who has been actively living alongside you at the time when the accident happened
• In the case of a child who has been injured – any individual who is living and considering him/her as part of the family
Of course, there are other people who would also qualify but the list is quite extensive and it goes on.

The Cost of Examination

This is also something that your insurer has to pay for. These are the reasonable and necessary expenses which were incurred for examination as well as for assessment or for the obtainment of a report, a treatment plan or a certificate of some sort. The expenses here are quite difference.

Damage to Hearing Aids, Glasses, Clothing

These are also damages that you can and should claim if you’ve been involved in an accident of this magnitude. In fact, this is quite important and it needs to be accounted for as there are pieces of clothing and accessories which could have been of significant value. Talk with your lawyer to know the details of the claim process and the documentation that will needed to substantiate the claim.
With all this in mind, it’s quite obvious that you should consider all of your options apart from the most regular and commonly claimed ones. This is something rather substantial and you should definitely take advantage.