While an accident victim should not share details of his or her accident on a social networking site, those same comments should be shared with a member of the medical profession. Moreover, the victim should get seen by a physician as soon as possible, following the accident’s occurrence.

Nature of injuries associated with car accidents:

While the forces created at the time of a collision tend to increase the chances that someone will get injured, the driver and passengers experience a level of excitement. That added excitement causes the product of endorphins. The endorphins’ presence can temporarily mask the existence of pain and discomfort.

The jolt experienced by the driver and any passengers could cause the brain to hit the inside of the skull. That can result in a concussion, a disorder that causes a number of subtle symptoms. Moreover, if any region inside the skull, such as the canal that leads to the ear drum, has become infected, the brain might have contact with that infected area.

The sorts of subtle symptoms that could develop in someone that has experienced brain trauma, as the result of a car accident.

• Clouded thinking
• Loss of energy
• Inability to concentrate
• Dizziness
• Trouble recalling information
• Abnormal sleep patterns
• Headaches
• Blurry vision
• Nausea

What should signal the need for a response to any one of those subtle symptoms?

Has any single one of them caused the accident victim to experience a decided level of pain or discomfort? If that is the case, then it would pay to see the doctor, even if everything else seems normal. That visit can count as proof that you sought some sort of treatment, if the subtle symptom happens to worsen.

Moreover, the existence of one small symptom always leaves open the possible development of a more serious problem. If an accident victim settles with an insurance company before the appearance of that serious problem, the insurance company will not cover those added medical expenses.

How does an injured accident victim know that it is OK to reach a settlement with the insurance company?

A smart victim should not even begin negotiations until each injured party has reached the stage of maximum medical improvement (MMI). That is the point at which the doctors feel that no further changes in the treatment plan are necessary; the condition is now improving.

Of course, it can prove difficult to try convincing an insurance adjuster that a given victim has not yet reached the stage of MMI. Fortunately, Injury Lawyer in Mississauga have become skilled at tackling that task. That fact underlines the reason that smart victims make a point of contacting and hiring a personal injury attorney. The attorney deals with the insurance company.