There is a great deal of dissension currently going on in Ontario Province between physicians and the provincial government.  While the two parties have not had a legal contract in force for quite a while now, there has been a great deal of disagreement involving terms.  The government has cut physician fees and eliminated some billing codes.  Consequently, this has impacted thousands of doctors.  Unfortunately, this has caused some physicians to close clinics, leave unprofitable health centers, and scale back their availability.


Suffice it to say, this has impacted the role of the physician that they play in long-term disability claims and other personal injury claims.  A personal injury lawyer in Brampton will tell you that when the day is done, and your claim has been filed, that your physician plays the most important role in the legal process.  The best part is about seeing a doctor no matter where you live in Canada. It costs you nothing unlike what some people in the US experience whenever they have to see theirs.


From a legal standpoint, the injury victim or plaintiff is in control of building their claim based on the medical evidence they have.  It’s important to realize medical evidence is the foundation of long-term disability and personal injury claims.  Without out, there is no claim and no compensation for damages.  You can’t just testify that you’re hurt or that you were seriously injured.  You have to prove that and you have to prove it as convincingly as possible.  Medical evidence is the convincing proof that personal injury lawyers must rely on in order to successfully negotiate a settlement.


Your physician is the only person who can provide this essential evidence.  Their documentation will contain a wide range of critical information where this is concerned such as:



Your personal injury lawyer will rely heavily on the information that your physician provides.  Most importantly, the information provided in your medical documents the best insight into your complaints, your injuries, your pain, and your quality of life.  An experienced injury lawyer knows the value of a physician’s medical documentation.  They will base the claim on the evidence gathered, witness accounts and your medical reports. However, the most important aspect of the claim’s process is their role in the context of your treatment and recovery.

Needless to say, finding the right physician to care for you from the initial diagnosis and treatment stage up to an including your long-term disability care.  So it is important that for you to ensure that you assist your physician as much as possible and provide any information that is asked of you when you are under their care. They are the only ones who will be able to help you get the required compensation and justice.

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