In the simplest of terms, a catastrophic injury is one in which the consequences are so severe is unable to seek gainful employment. In the more severe personal injury cases, the person may be so incapacitated that they are unable to care for themselves. As a result, catastrophic injuries are life-altering and leave the victim permanently disabled. Not only do the victims suffer, their family members do as well because these types of injuries are oftentimes financially devastating.

No Legal Definition per se

While the term “catastrophic injury” is easy to classify and describe, the reality is that there is no universally accepted definition of it. However, there are working definitions of it every personal injury law firm accepts for both legal and medical purposes. This enables the assessment and evaluation of specific injuries that are viewed as being exceptionally serious or severe in nature. There are many injuries that are categorized as ‘catastrophic injuries’ but are not limited to:

• Quadriplegia
• Paraplegia
• Limb amputation
• Blindness
• Traumatic brain injuries
• Behavioral and mental impairments

What is Catastrophic Law?

Catastrophic law is a segment of personal injury law that pertains to accidents caused by the intentional or negligent actions of another organization, person, or other entity. It also applies to catastrophic injuries arising from a defective or hazardous product (i.e. product liability). Consequently, when the victim files a personal injury claim, this will determine their financial well-being and future quality of life. This includes the quality of the medical care and any other type of support they receive.

Furthermore, there could be huge financial implications involved. Consequently, filing a personal injury case becomes the determining factor where the value of their claim is concerned. Provincial Governments throughout Canada have placed “caps” (monetary limits) on the amount of non-economic damages that the injury victim may be entitled to. In many cases, these limits are far too low to accept. Hence the need to hire a personal injury lawyer for assistance with your claim and eventual case. They understand the nuances of such laws and are able to deal with the complexities accordingly.

Relying on the experience and expertise of a personal injury law firm is crucial in these types of cases because the burden of proof rests on the victims shoulders. With the enormous costs and high damages involved in such as case, it is vital to hire a personal injury lawyer for legal assistance. It is important to consider the services of a lawyer that has handled such cases and won the compensation for past clients. Financial compensation is usually not difficult to get due to the nature of the injuries and disabilities yet, trying to represent your own rights in the court of law isn’t recommended.