Injuries which occur to one’s bones, joints as well as the abundance of supporting structures such as the ligaments, tendons, cartilage and muscles would most often result from some sort of trauma which has been caused by an accident. The accidents which pose significant interest to the area of personal injury law are car accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites as well as slip and fall accidents amongst many more. However, it’s also worth noting that orthopedic injuries would often require surgical intervention which may lead to some permanent disabilities or the necessity of adding artificial objects in the person’s body such as plates, screws or other orthopedic hardware required for the proper functioning of the problem area. You have to understand that these injuries are incredibly serious and they could lead to both short term and long term disabilities, both having different legal consequences.

Short term disabilities

There are a lot of provisions set forth by different acts such as the Insurance Act, the Occupiers’ Liability act and even the Dog Owners’ Liability Act which govern short term disabilities and the way they are recovered by the at fault party. Depending on the premise that they derive from, the orthopedic injury is going to be subjected to a different order of compensation and it would lead to a different amount of legal responsibility which is going to be imposed and taken by the at fault party. However, if a trial is sought after and it ends successfully, monetary compensation is going to be awarded in all cases. These traumas are typically not that serious or at least they don’t have a permanent effect on the body of the victim. However, you can file for compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer and cover the cost of medical bills and other compensatory damages.

Long term disabilities

These are also known as permanent disabilities as there is less to no chances at all for full recovery of the one who is suffering from them. Loss of sight or other senses, for instance, as well as loss of limbs or other body parts will always lead to long term disabilities and they have to be treated as such.

The main thing about this type of injuries is that they lead to cases which seek monetary compensation in the form of a disability benefit, or pension, which has to compensate the loss of income of the victim in a manner which would allow him proper and dignified living. However, these cases are incredibly hard to go through as there is a lot that has to be proven and that’s why you should definitely rely upon the services of a reputable attorney with a lot of relevant experience and dully proven track record to get you the compensation that you rightfully deserve. These cases often take quite a long time prior to being settled by the court.

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