If you have been injured by the actions of another, such as a hit-and-run driver, it’s important that your insurance company understand how serious the incident was. You may be entitled to certain compensation for any injuries sustained during the incident, and it’s up to your agent or insurance adjuster to determine how much that is. This article provides an overview of what happens behind the scenes when an injury settlement offer is made, so you can better understand what might happen next if your case is worth pursuing.


Investigating the Claim


The insurance adjuster will need to investigate the claim. This includes determining what is the nature of your accident, how it happened and what evidence you have to support your claim. The other party’s position on the claim should be investigated as well, including any previous claims made against them or their insurance company for similar injuries or damages.


If there are special circumstances involved in your case (such as a pre-existing condition), then those facts should be investigated as well. How much time do you have before making an offer? How long will it take for this investigation process to conclude?


Investigating the Claimant


The insurance adjuster will want to know what the claimant’s medical history is and how long he/she has been out of work. The insurance adjuster can also ask questions about the claimant’s financial situation, including how much money he or she has saved up in a savings account, how much debt is owed, and if there are any unsecured loans.


Gathering Claim Documentation


One of the most important things to do after an accident is to keep all documents related to the accident. This includes:


  • Medical records


  • Insurance documents (including any insurance claims)


  • Police reports and witness statements


Determining Settlement Value


The first step to determining your injury settlement value is to determine the extent of damage to your body. This involves assessing how much pain and suffering you have suffered as a result of your injuries, along with any other physical impairments that may have been caused by them. It’s also important to consider whether or not there are any long-term health issues that might arise due to these injuries, as per personal injury lawyer in Burlington.


Next, it’s important to evaluate how much money we can expect from the insurance company after filing a lawsuit against them. Since they’re responsible for paying all medical bills associated with your case.


How Your Lawyer Can Help You Out?


The best way for a lawyer to help negotiate a settlement is by understanding:


  • How much money do they want?


  • What type of case do they see?


  • What issues are involved in this case?


Having an experienced lawyer on your side always works in your interest.The settlement process can be a long and complicated one, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have been injured in an accident and are asking for compensation from your insurance company, don’t let them use this as an excuse not to settle!