That injured victim deserves to be reimbursed for losses that resulted from payment of medical bills, missed work hours, and the consequences of pain and suffering. Yet those victims that have elected to follow the right steps have the greatest chance for obtaining the desired reimbursement.

Steps to be taken at scene of accident

• Call police: That ensures a recording of the accident’s occurrence.
• Photograph the scene of the collision, as well as the damage to the motorcycle and the damage to the other vehicle
• Do not remove your helmet: Removal of your helmet could cause any injury to hour head to become worse.
• Exchange contact information and insurance information with the opposite party
• Get the name and contact information from any witness
• Seek medical evaluation of your physical condition

Steps to take in weeks after the crash

Call your insurance company and contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Mississauga. Do not hesitate to seek consult with one or more lawyers, if your helmet fell off, at the time of the collision, and you could not find it.

Actions to take as negotiations near

Provide your chosen attorney with specific details, regarding the accident

Provide same attorney with details, regarding your injury: How was it treated? What was the doctor’s diagnosis? What was the doctor’s prognosis?

Keep a record of your medical expenses, and share that information with your lawyer.

Work with your lawyer to compose a demand letter. Prepare for negotiations by having a minimum acceptable bid in the back of your mind.

Understand the 2 possible courses that your case might take at this stage of the process.

You and your lawyer might be able to come to agreement with the defendant’s insurance company, regarding the size of your compensation. In that case, you would sign a release form, and your lawyer would receive the money promised by the insurance company. After taking out the agreed-upon fee, and after paying off any liens, your attorney would send the balance of the funds to you.

In your attorney’s view, you should file a lawsuit. The negotiations could continue, even after that filing had been completed. If you and the other party failed to come to agreement on settlement terms, the next action would depend on the issue of fault.

—If you were not at fault, you could ask your own insurance for coverage of 2 yrs of medical bills, along with any lost wages. You could ask the defendant’s insurance company for coverage of pain and suffering, along with any medical bills that had exceeded your policy limits.
—If you were at fault, you would have to seek help from a lawyer, in order to win any form of compensation.