Most personal injury lawyer in Mississauga offer a free consultation to any potential client. In order to derive the greatest benefit from that no-cost opportunity, any prospective client should know what to ask.

What clients should strive to learn from such an experience?

An attorney’s client ought to know the level of knowledge and experience that the consulted attorney has attained. If the client’s case has appeared to present both lawyer and client with special challenges, then it would be good to learn about how a consulted lawyer’s education and experience could aid with the need to confront such challenges.

Potential clients should learn how an approached personal injury lawyer expected to get paid, if any of those that have sought a free consultation were to hire the same consulted lawyer. Most personal injury lawyers rely on payment of a contingency fee.

Good questions to ask:

Do you have any connections with other investigators? The gathering of evidence is part of the lawyer’s job, once he or she has been hired to tackle a personal injury case. It helps if the investigating lawyer has the ability to seek assistance from other investigators.

Do you have any connections with medical experts? Insurance adjusters often act as though they know a great deal about a given claimant’s medical condition. In fact, their statements might be made to seem authoritative, because each adjuster wants the opposing party to believe those same statements.

Still, the adjuster’s authoritative style should not be taken as proof of the comments’ veracity. Instead, the client/claimant’s source of legal guidance should be able to consult with a medical expert, and thus determine the statements’ veracity.

Do you have any connections with economic experts? Some claimants have sustained a permanent disability of a disfigurement. Any one of them might face the possibility of future medical procedures, or future challenges to the task of holding a job. An economic expert should be able to calculate the value of a specific claimant’s loss.

Another question to consider asking

What is the extent of your courtroom experience? The legal process has been designed to favor a negotiated settlement. Still, there are times when only a trial can help to resolve a particular dispute.

Good lawyers do not shrink from the need to advocate for a given client in a courtroom setting. In fact, a client-lawyer consultation should be used as a chance to discover an attorney’s possible fear of facing an opponent in court.

Why should claimants inquire about courtroom experience? Because attorneys that are afraid to advocate for a client in a courtroom might feel tempted to accept a low settlement offer from the insurance company. That would not be fair to any clients.