The fact is that every single day people are involved in a variety of auto accidents and one of the most common vehicular incidents in the province of Ontario involves a motor cycle. This is due to the fact that they are a lot more dangerous than cars as they simply do not provide the same level of protection. As a result most of the cases end in some terrible physical injuries and emotional trauma that can last for a lifetime. However, once you are through all the stress the time comes to start searching and fighting for your rights. Here are few of the things that an injured person should do as per the personal injury law of town of Mississauga.

The Insurance laws of Ontario and Mississauga clearly state that you should report the accident no more than seven days after it happened, regardless of who the fault belongs to. However, you should take into consideration that this term is instructional and it won’t preclude your rights to seek compensation. However, you must state the reasons for which you failed to report the mishap within the term and if you don’t have good reasons, you might be denied the compensation.

Assigning fault

Now, it is very important to note that the province of Ontario abides by the Rules of Fault Distribution and every accident includes assigning the relevant amount of fault to both parties. The driver can have anywhere between 100 percent and zero percent at fault ratio. After the fault distribution is through, the compensation is going to be paid accordingly, taking the relevant per cent of your fault. This means that if you have 0% fault, you will receive the entire amount of money. However, it is also important to know that every insurance broker and company have their own methods of calculating and assigning fault, so make sure to go through your insurance policy properly. Talk with a lawyer today to understand how you can get maximum compensation in your case.

Filing compensatory claims

Compensatory claims are also a common way for a personal injury case involving a motorcycle accident to go. The claims are filed through the court and they are addressed to the opposite party. The opposite party can be anyone who you are holding responsible for paying off the relevant compensation. This could be another person, an insurance company or even the government. However, the Statue of Limitations limits your right to seek monetary compensation and you would have only 3 years after the accident to file your claim. This term is precluding your rights to seek monetary compensation, which means that once it is through you won’t be able to get compensated for the damages that you had to undergo.

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