Let’s be realistic for a moment.  If the insurance companies paid the maximum amount of compensation on every personal injury claim that was filed against them, they would probably run out of money.  Furthermore, there wouldn’t be much of a need for personal injury lawyers in Brampton, Burlington, or Mississauga.  If the insurance company pays your claim up front without any argument, why would you need a lawyer? But then again, this is the real world, not some fantasy world.

While the insurance companies try to make us believe (by virtue of their advertising claims) that they are always on our side, this simply isn’t the case because at the end of the month, all they are concerned with is the percentage of increase to the bottom line.  So it’s safe to say that insurance companies typically deny claims for financial reasons.  They don’t want to believe the severity of your disabilities or injuries because they don’t want your claim to adversely impact their bottom line.

Common reasons for claim denial

Over and above the financial implications discussed above, one of the more common reasons that insurance companies deny claims or refuse to believe you may be due to independent medical examinations or reviews.  While these exams or reviews can be conducted on an in-person basis, insurers have been known to take medical documents and reviews that they have received and forward them to their doctors for evaluation.  This is typically done without ever talking to the injury victim or plaintiff.

Regardless of how ridiculous or unfair this practice appears to be, it is a common occurrence throughout the industry in today’s personal injury world.  The explanation that personal injury lawyers in Brampton, Burlington, or Mississauga get whenever they question this practice is that it is quicker and much more cost-effective than conducting an in-person medical exam.  However, when so much may be riding on that medical exam or review, this practice is nothing short of inappropriate.

There are also times that insurance companies deny injury claims because additional medical documentation and evidence is required or forms aren’t completed or filled out correctly.  In cases such as those, all a personal injury lawyer usually has to do is write a few letters on your behalf and make sure that all the “I’s” are dotted and “T’s” have been crossed.  In other cases, miscommunication between the insurance company and the plaintiff is the main reason for a denial. Thus, ensure that it does not happen in your case.

Every personal injury lawyer should be cautiously optimistic regarding an injury victim’s claim, just as you should be.  After all, you never want to take anything for granted.  By retaining the services of an experienced Brampton, Burlington, or Mississauga personal injury lawyer, you stand a better chance of a getting a fair and reasonable settlement in court or at the negotiating table.

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