If you’ve been involved in a car accident you might not always suffer severe orthopedic injuries. There are certain occasions in which there wouldn’t any broken bones, ripped tendons or ligaments. However, whiplash injuries are just as dangerous and they have to be thoroughly considered. This is a particularly cunning injury because the damages might be particularly harmful as they are going to affect one of the most important parts of your entire body – your neck. Whiplash refers to the injury which derives from a minor car accident in which your head is going to straightforward and right back afterwards as the preventive force of the seatbelt kicks in. This could cause severe damages to your neck and spine. This can be mild or severe and depending upon the first medical reports and documentation by the doctors are of key consideration.

Symptoms of whiplash injuries

There are quite a few different symptoms that you might be looking out for if you’ve been involved in an injury of the kind such as:

·         Worsening of pain when moving your neck

·         Loss of range of your motion in the neck area

·         Often headaches which start at the base of your skull

·         Pain in shoulders, upper back or your arms

·         Neck pain and severe stiffness

It’s worth mentioning that while these symptoms might seem as if they were rather harmless in comparison to the tremendously negative effects of the majority of sever orthopedic injuries they are capable of causing dramatic long term disability. Stiff neck and limited range of motion of your neck is going to dramatically impact the movement of your entire body. You might not be able to do your job at all, especially if it requires you to move quickly and with swiftness.

There are various treatment plans which are going to prove to be very helpful in situations of the kind and you might want to take them into advantage if you are suffering from a whiplash injury. However, as it is with almost all medical treatments in Ontario, they won’t be cheap and affording them might be a challenge. Luckily for you, if your whiplash injury is a result of an accident, you are going to be fully entitled to compensation.

You can demand to be compensated directly from the insurance company as the rules of fault determination set forth the “no fault” rule which is going to disregard the fault part and provide you with compensation in all cases. If the compensation is not enough, you might be entitled to sue the at fault driver in a civil lawsuit and get the difference of the compensation that’s been awarded by the insurance company and the actual amount of the medical expenses awarded by the court. With this in mind, a civil lawsuit might turn out to be a good idea. However, the best would be to first get a consultation with a leading personal injury lawyer in Brampton and get the case evaluated.